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Budget Package - 1700 EUR*

The budget package is suitable for you that want a company quickly, easily and economically with a 0% corporate tax and benefit from more favorable and simpler company rules.

  Our Budget package includes:
Complete company (Private Ltd, called Oü), ready to do business with.
Company account with Swedbank in Estonia with Internet banking, telephone banking and MasterCard
Company adress, postal service and counseling**, free for 3 months.
Business advice and review of your business arrangement.
Local transports in the connection with your visit to Tallinn.

*Estonian VAT 20% will be added to the price if you buy as an private person.

**1 hour per month over the phone.


This is included

  • Pick up and drop off at the ferry terminal or airport in Tallinn.
  • Transportation to and from government agencies and businesses.
  • Assistance and interpretation.
  • Private Estonian company Oü (LTD).
  • Company account with internet and phone banking in Swedbank in Estonia.
  • Debit card connected to the company account (MasterCard).
  • Help with VAT registration.
  • Company address for 3 months (c/o myCompany ).
  • Postal Service for the company to your private address for 3 months (post is sent continuously).
  • 1 hour counseling per month, free for 3 months


  • That you can be away for a day.
  • To arrange your own transportation to and from Tallinn.
  • To bring your passport with you.
  • To decide if your debit card (MasterCard), which is connected to company account to be extradited by Swedbank in Estonia according to one of the options below

Alt 1.
Representative from myCompany pick up your card and sends the card free of charge to you.
Alt 2.
That you pick up your card at a later visit to Tallinn 


After ordering you will receive an invoice. The invoice is sent by email al.t by ordinary post.
You pay the invoice on site in Tallinn.
Payment is made in EURO (1700 EUR *) cash in Tallinn after delivery of the company.
Payments may also be made in other currency, if there is agreement about it (contact us if you want to pay in another currency) 

Additional Information

The company that you will own in Estonia is a private company (in Estonia called ). Company's share capital is inserted, 2500 Euro . The share capital is then taken out from the company. 

The company will have a company account with internet banking and telephone banking in Swedbank in Estonia. The company will also have a debit card that is connected to the company account in Swedbank (Mastercard).  

Application for VAT registration is included. VAT number is issued by the Estonian tax authorities after the company has proved that business started. That the company should have incoming / outgoing invoices and movements on the company account, but it is not 100% required from the tax authorities.

The company will have a company address in Tallinn (c/o myCompany) for three months and postal service to your private adress (post is sent continuously) and 1 hour counseling per month. 

After three months, the company can continue to hold the company address (c/o myCompany) and postal service and counseling, for a fee.

Company document is your property after payment has been done.

*Estonian VAT 20% will be added to the price if you buy as an private person.


Step by step

On this page we illustrate with pictures how it works and what will happen when you arrive in Tallinn.

1. Arrival at Tallinn airport or ferry terminal

Hello and welcome!

We will meet you at the arrivals hall at Tallinn airport or ferry terminal.

You easily identifie us, we have a sign with your name on.

When we met, we go out to the car and go to the Notary.

2. At the Notary

Here will your new estonian company be registered (registration code, name and address) and transferred to you.

You will in relation to this sign company documents and show your passport.

When we're done, we will go to the bank.

3. At the bank, Swedbank

Here we help you with application forms and contact with bank officials to open your company account. Here you will show your new company documents and your passport to open the Company Account, Internet Bank,Telephone Bank or order the debit card (MasterCard). 

The debit card will be connected to your new company account, but are not delivered immediately because it takes a few days to manufacture. For the delivery of the debit card, you can choose to pick up the card yourself when you visit Tallinn at a later date or that myCompany retrieves the debit card in Tallinn (with a power of attorney made out in the bank) and sends the card free of charge to you.

When we are done we will have lunch.

4. Lunch

Now we have lunch in peace and quiet and go through all documents that you have acquired during the day.

We also take the opportunity to review your business planning and answer any questions you may have. 

This was the final step for a functional company and you make after this your payment to us.

Now that your company is ready, we transport you back to the airport or ferry terminal for the trip home.

5. Returning from the airport or ferry terminal
Then everything is ready. You now have a working Estonian company that you can start to do business in. 

With this, myCompany has delivered the Budget Package

We wish you a pleasant journey home!

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