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Enter desired company name

Company name, first choice*   Enter the three alternative name suggestions for your new Estonian company. The names may not contain the letter 'Å'. The Company will have the name extension 'OÜ', representing 'LTD'.
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Personal data for the owner of the company

Your full name*   Fill in the correct information about the new company's owners. All information is mandatory.
Remember to fill in full name including middle name.

If you are going to be more owners of the company, click the button Add more owners .

Please note that Budget Package PLUS includes only for one person registered address in Estonia, Estonian ID code, ID card and private bank account.
For more persons we refer to our Private Package for additional orders.
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Billing info for payment of the new company

Company name / Name*   Fill in the correct and complete information for payment of company package. The payment are done in connection with the delivery of company package in Tallinn.

Private Person
If you buy any the company package as a private person there will be added 20% statutory Estonian VAT on the price.

If you buy the company package as an entrepreneur, enter your tax identification number (VAT no), this is the international tax number for the company paying the company package.

If the tax identification number is left out, 20% statutory Estonian VAT is added to the price.
Street address / Box*  
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VAT number

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Main business area for the new company

Business areas*   Here you enter the main area of activity for the company. Eg consulting, construction, medical services, financial services, import / export, transport, etc.

If you want a different address than with "myCompany" for your new company, enter the address here (otherwise left these fields empty)

Street address The address must be in Estonia. Note that if you select a different address Postal Service is not included.

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Preferred week for delivery of Budget Package

Week number or date*   Refers to the week you can come to Tallinn for delivery of Budget Package.

Amount to pay in connection with delivery

Budget Package Estonian VAT 20 % Total amount
1.700 EUR 340 EUR 2.040 EUR
Statutory Estonian VAT of 20% will be added when you buy as a private person.

General Conditions

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I have read and accepted the general conditions above.*
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Savings calculator
Our savings calculator calculates the effect of corporation tax, benift value and income tax

Savings examples
We have put together a few typical examples of ...

No corporate tax
No personal benefit value
Lower income tax
Package solutions

Our package solutions
Budget Package 1.700 EUR*
Budget Package PLUS 2.600 EUR*
Package 1 2.800 EUR*
Package 2 4.000 EUR*
Private Package 900 EUR*

Try out which package that suits you!
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