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Company & Company Tax

In Estonia there are no corporate taxes!

Legal structure

The companie that we supply to you is an Estonian private Ltd. Estonian Private Ltd is called OÜ. 

The company needs only one member of board (yourself) and has a registered capital of 2,500 Euros. The capital is already invested, then it has been taken out. This means that you DO NOT need to deploy capital in the company for it to be functional.

Company Address

Your new Estonian company will have the company address  c / o MyCompany, unless you choose another. The company will have phone numbers in an Estonian mobile networks (not Budget Package, Budget Package PLUS, Private Packet). 

Articles of association

It is enough that the company's main activity, the company can still do other activities as long as such activities do not require permits, such as for examplethe sale of drugs.

For example, the company may have a main area of ​​activity in IT, medical services, or construction, but still engage in such renting of boats, securities trading, etc. In this way, the company can acquire the things and services that you also can personally benefit from. Without personal income tax, fuel benifit tax,personal benifit tax on company car, social charges or other charges.

Example: If your Estonian company has in its articles of association "physician services" it dosen´t stop the companyso to get involved with "Car and boats and watervehicles," this means that the Company may purchase this things for untaxed funds and deduct all the VAT (VAT number required). 

Invoicing - Billing

If you invoice your English customers, or your own English company, from your new Estonian companies, you do so in the most cases, without VAT. 

See our page called "Billing Example". 

NB! Trading between companies within the EU are in most cases without VAT. 

Corporation tax

The corporate tax rate in Estonia is 0%, meaning that profits in your Estonian companies are not taxed. 


The tax on dividends in Estonia is 21%. 

Regular payments

Regular payments of such lease payments, fuel invoice or payment of salaries you do with your internet banking. Bank account with internet banking and telephone banking at Swedbank are included in package price.

Accounting and Taxes

We can be of service bookkeeping for your Estonian companies and ensure that tax declarations are submitted to the Estonian tax authorities. 

See our page called "Prices - Bookkeeping Packages."

What do I need to do myself?

We help you with the entire process. We arrange travel / travels return trip-s to Tallinn (not included in the Budget Package, Budget Package PLUS, Private Package), we will meet you when you come, stand for local transportation, filling out necessary forms / documents (in Estonian), interpreters, and make sure that everything is correct .

You just need to bring with you:
Your European passport. 


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