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Here's the fastest way to get your questions answered!

We are happy to answer your questions but we ask you to first read through the most common questions and answers below. Probably the answer to your question is there. 

If you after reading the answers below, have further questions, please contact us by email or telephone.
Q What is included in the package prices?

A See our different packages and "click" the button: Read more, for each packet.

Q What about travel and visits to authorities?

A myCompany pick you up at the airport in Tallinn (Package1 and Package 2). Airport or ferry terminal in Tallinn (Budget Package, BudgetPackage PLUS, Private Package). We arrange local transportation between companies and government agencies during the visit to Tallinn (two visits for Package 2, Budget Package PLUS and Private Package)..

Q What name can I have on my new Estonian company?

A Most names are ok, please note that you can not use the letter Å in the name of the company.

Q What will be my new Estonian company's address?

A The company address of your new Estonian company will look like this:

"Your company name" Oü
Väike-Karja 6-3
101 40 Tallinn

The address is included in the package price for six months in Package 1 and Package 2, in the Budget Package and Budget Package PLUS for 3 months. 

Q What about the post that comes to my new Estonian company?

A The post to your new Estonian company goes to the adress that is in the packet price. After that we forward the post to adress that you choose. The forwarding of post is included in Packet 1 and Packet 2 for six months. In Budget Package and Budget Package PLUS during three months.

Q What happens to my company address and post after six months (three months in the Budget Package and Budget Package PLUS)?


You can choose to fix your own company address in Estonia, or have your address included in the package price to remain. If you choose to keep your address included in the package price, it costs 55 EUR / month after six months (after three months of the Budget Package and Budget Package PLUS), which also includes forwarding of your company's post and free counseling 1 hour per month over the phone.

NOTE! If you let your company's address to remain with myCompany, we charge for it automatic, 55 EUR/month.

Q Does the company that I buy a VAT number from the beginning?

A No, but we help with the application for a VAT number for your company, this is included in the packages.

Q What is required to obtain a VAT number, in Estonia?

A The tax authority in Estonia would like to see some activity has begun in the company in connection with the VAT application, but in most cases it is possble to get a VAT number for the company without the company has started its business yet.

Q Can my Estonian company have a VAT number in other country?

A Yes, the application of this is done by the tax office in that country.

Q Do my Estonian company need to have a VAT number to operate?

A No, the company does not need a VAT number to operate.
Invoicing from the company does not require a VAT number (invoicing is done without VAT).

Q If I want to invoice my customers from my new Estonian company, how do I do that?

A We have a page called "Invoice Example" to give you a clear view of how it works.

Q How do I do when I pay a invoice in my new Estonian company?

A You pay using your bank. Bank account, Internet banking and telephone banking are included in package price.

Q If I want to withdraw cash from my Estonian company account  in  other country, how do I do it?

A The package prices includes a MasterCard that can be used in any ATM.

Q Can my new Estonian company have a bank account in other country?

A Yes, your new Estonian company can open a bank account in other country by filling out an application for this, in that country bank office.

Q What about bookkeeping, annual report and tax declarations?


We can take care of your new Estonian company, bookkeeping, tax declarations and annual report. See our Book Keeping Package.

Q If you take care of my book keeping and tax declaration, how you get access to invoices, account statements, and so on?

A You are sending by post your incoming / outgoing invoices, receipts and bank statements (this you take out through the Internet bank), etc, to usonce a month.

Q Which corporate tax, it is in Estonia?

A The corporate tax rate is 0% for your new Estonian company.Estonia is the only country in Europe with 0% corporation tax.

Q What is the tax on dividends in Estonia?

A Tax on dividends is 21%

Q How do I do when I want to buy or lease a car?

A We can help with contacts, offers and contracts with car dealers, leasing companies, insurance companies and others. See our: Other Services.

Q What guarantees are there on a new car in Estonia?

A Same guarantees as in other EU countries, so-called European guarantee. This means that any warranty repairs are performed free of charge in any other European country..

Q Where will my Estonian company car be registered?

A Your car will be registered in Estonia, with Estonian license plates with the EU flag.

Q When will my Estonian company car be inspected?

A If there is a new car so it shall be inspected after three years, older cars are inspected at intervals of a year or two (depending on age)Inspection shall be conducted in Estonia, perhaps in combination with change to other car or vacation.

Q How high is the car tax?

A Cars registered in Estonia do not pay vehicle tax.

Q Can I use my Estonian company car in other EU country?

A Yes, you may use your Estonian company car in all other European countries. (Cars registered in the EU, may be used in the European Union of citizens of the EU).

Q How do I do when I need to fill up my company car outside Estonia ?

A You fill up your car like today, with a fuel card, or with your MasterCard that is included in our package prices. You can also apply for a fuel card from for example Statoil in Estonia.


Q How many cars can I have in my new Estonian company?

A There is no maximum number.

Q I have residential parking today, how does it work with Estonian-registered car?

A You apply just like today if residents parking permit, except that youmust enclose a certificate from your new Estonian company that you have the right to use the car. The certificate you write yourself, because you are the owner of the Estonian company.

Q I live in a area with road tolls ("congestion tax"), how does it work with the Estonian registered company car?

A Foreign-registered cars are not subject to tolls ("congestion tax") in the most toll areas.

Q I have previously made ​​a bankrupt and have trading prohibition and have tax debts in other country, does it affects whether I can own a company in Estonia?

A No, as long as you do not have debts or similar in Estonia.

Q How do I order an Estonian company?

A When you take a position on which package suits you best, you fill out the order form for the package you select and "click" order. 

Q When do I pay for package?

A Package 1 and Package 2: After ordering you will receive two invoices by emailThe first invoice (ordering fee) must be paid immediately, the second (final payment), you pay in Tallinn, after you have had your company package. Final payment is made in cash. 

Budget Package, Budget Package PLUS and Private Package: After ordering you will receive an invoice by email. The invoice is paid in Tallinn, after you have had your company package, in the case of Private Package, after ordering your new Estonian ID card. Payment is made in cash.

Q If I for example live in other city than London (or outside any other major city) , How does the my trip then?


In some of our packages include travel / flights London (city in other countrys) - Tallinn (Package 1 and Package 2). That means you must provide your own connection journeys to and from London (city in other country).

In the right column on this page is a selection of airlines listed..

Q Can I bring my family or friends on the trip to Tallinn?

A Of course you can bring your family or friends on the trip to Tallinn. But in our package prices include travel (Package 1 and Package 2) and local transport (Budget Package, Budget Package PLUS, Package 1, Package 2 and Private Package) only for one person. Our prices are based on that we can plan ticket reservation and local transportation as rationally as possible. In visits to authorities and notary, it is not appropriate to be more present than the proposed owner, so any of your fellow passengers can occupy themselves in other ways while you get your package ready.

Q If I can not go myself, I can send a representative with power of attorney instead?

A No, you must come in person.

Q I do not want to fly. Can I take the ferry boat instead?

A If you have any reason do not want to fly (included in Package 1 and Package 2), we can arrange for tickets for a ferry ride instead. Contact us about the boat trip is a wish!

Q What is the VAT rate in Estonia?

A VAT in Estonia is 20%.

How many owners can it be in an Estonian  company?

A There is no maximum number.

Q I do not have an EU passport,  can I own an Estonian company anyway?

A Yes you can, but you'll need at least one person with an EU passport in the member of board in your new Estonian company.

What currencies can I have in my new company account in Swedbank?

A By default, the currencies: EUR and SEK. If you need more currencies, we will add it at the opening of the company account.

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