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Prerequisites: Below we have listed the most common benefit cars and added some not so common. We present a comparison of the savings with company cars in your Estonian company will affect you and your company. Since the most common lease term is 36 months (3 years), based comparison below of that period (check your benefit tax on company cars with your Tax office, the comparison is made with Swedish tax). Test by selecting cars below in the comparison.

The expenses generated with company cars in Estonia and Sweden are both company economically (tax, social charges, etc.) and private economical (increased wage taxes).

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Savings calculator
Our savings calculator calculates the effect of corporation tax, benift value and income tax

Savings examples
We have put together a few typical examples of ...

No corporate tax
No personal benefit value
Lower income tax
Package solutions

Our package solutions
Budget Package 1.700 EUR*
Budget Package PLUS 2.600 EUR*
Package 1 2.800 EUR*
Package 2 4.000 EUR*
Private Package 900 EUR*

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